Uniform Policy Reminder

As we are in full swing of the 2023 cricket season, it's essential to ensure that our BEDCL clubs present a unified and professional image on and off the field. As a part of this commitment, we would like to remind everyone about our uniform policy, specifically regarding the colors of the top and lower garments.

Uniform Consistency: It is crucial that the color of both the top and lower garments for all players is the same. Therefore, going forward, it is expected that every BEDCL club adheres to this uniform policy without exception.

Exception for Logos: The only exception to the uniform color policy is for logos. Logos representing sponsors may differ on the uniform.

If any player's uniform is different, in Design and/or Color, from the rest of the playing members, then Umpires will instruct the player to leave the ground and the team will have to play without that player. During any stage of the match, if that player is able to produce the proper uniform, the player then will be allowed to play with all the restrictions applicable for a late coming player.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. By adhering to the uniform policy and presenting a consistent and professional image, we enhance our League's credibility and create a strong visual impact. Together, let's showcase the strength and unity of BEDCL on and off the field.