The List of All Seeded Players for 2019 Season is posted under 2019 Season in the main menu. 

Eligibility for SEEDED players playing as a Seeded player for a different team of the same club:

- Maximum of two (2) seeded players allowed to play in the same match

- Will not win awards for any performance

- Cannot play in the playoffs (if team qualifies)

- Cannot bat higher than #9  (can bat only after the fall of 7th wicket)

- T25 - Cannot bowl more than 2 overs (and can bowl only between the 7th & 20th over)

- 50 Overs - Cannot bowl more than 4 overs (and can bowl only between the 11th & 40th over)

- Cannot be the captain

If players are found to have played in teams for which they are not eligible, there will be NO excuses and that team will default the match.