BEDCL delivers on the promise to extend the season to add a couple of more games to each team. As addressed in multiple virtual meetings, BEDCL has managed to get additional time slots over the couple of weekends of October to add the 9th regular season game for ALL teams of ALL formats, and also add play-offs to make it a truly rounded season. Following are the important details of the season extension:

1) General points - Game times, Team qualification, and Overs for playoffs (T25 and 50 overs):
      a) Last set of some regular season games AND the Playoff game times have been modified. Please note the scheduled times for your games
      b) All Playoff 50-over games will be played as a 45 overs game with modified times
      c) All Playoff T25 games will be played as T20 game with modified times
      d) Top two teams in each group of 4 teams in both T25 and 50 overs will qualify for playoffs
      e) For T25 Super Elite B group - Two (2) additional "
Wildcard" teams with most points will qualify for playoffs from across all teams
            >> Wildcard criteria (Super Elite B - 2 teams):
                       1) Most points  in regular season across all remaining teams
                       2) Head to head wins (if same group)
                       3) NRR  till 3rd decimal (if not in same group or tied on #1 and #2)
                       4) Draw (qualifier will be picked by a lucky draw)

2) Oct 3/4, 2020:
      >> Additional games for all team - 50 overs and T25 (3rd game against the 3rd team that was missing)

3) Oct 10, 2020:
a) Last set of additional games for some divisions of the T25 teams
      b) Playoffs for some divisions of the T25 teams start (Playoff game times in attached worksheet)
      *** IMPORTANT - ALL T25 Playoff games will be played as T20 games

4) Oct 11, 2020:
a) Continuation of playoff for T25 teams
      b) Playoffs for 50-over teams start
*** IMPORTANT - ALL 50-overs Playoff games will be played as 45 overs games

5) Oct 12, 2020:
a) Continuation of playoff for T25 teams

6) Oct 17/18, 2020:
      >> Final round of Playoffs for 50 overs and T25 teams
      *** Teams are expected to have playing 11 for these games. Clashes of morning and afternoon teams playing same day will not be entertained


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